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Foamiki  - Anchovie

Find Out About Anchovie, Leader of The Stalkers Anonymous
Quote J.I.M.
Anchovie The Pizza Dude Anchovie was a failing pizza delivery man in England. He never could get the orders to the right homes and "30 minutes or less" turned into "two hours or more". He eventually ran out of pizza places that would hire him. While in a state of deep, work-related depression, he came upon Germaine's profile on FaceNook. He soon became obsessed with her and decided, with no more work to be found in England, to move to the states and admire Germaine from afar. His infatuation has reached rather disturbing levels though, and with Germaine no longer living in N.Y.C, he has become quite unstable. His name? Well, he kinda got that since the odor of anchovies follows him like the plague.


Classic Anchovie

Classic Anchovie

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