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Foamiki  - Pilz-e

Do You Really Want To Know More About Pilz-e?
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Pilz-e The Squirrel Pilz-E was discovered in one of Germaine's pill bottles after having a prescription filled at a shady N.Y. pharmacy. Always seeing things, never all quite there, Pilz-E babbles like a retarded child on crack with a side of insanity. What most people find normal in the world, he sees as strange or scary. Known medical conditions include : Eye-Stigmata; A-Gore-Aphobia; Slurred Speech; Random Hallucinations; and frankly, like warnings on a prescription drug... side-effects are too numerous to list here. (78 page downloadable .PDF in the works listing all known issues and side-effects for this character)


Classic Pilz-e

Classic Pilz-e

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